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Crazy Jay Live Show Picture Gallery 1998-1999

Crazy Jay Night of Comedy Music I: Nov 22, 1998---take a still tour of a night of mad music and crazy comedy in text and pictures!

Crazy Jay Night of Comedy Music II: Aug 27, 1999---still more stills from the recent night of comedy and dementia!

Crazy Jay Night of Comedy Music III: Dec 10, 1999---the announcement only. Sorry, no pictures.

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Crazy Jay Live Shows Crazy Jay Live Show Picture Gallery 1998-1999 Crazy Jay Night of Comedy 1998 The Anomolies Cali Rose Cali Rose Autograph Dr. Demento Introduces The Next Act Bill Frenzer Head Cheese Henry Phillips 1 Henry Phillips 2 Henry and Cali 1 Henry and Cali 2 A Throwing Toaster Tracey Theilen Whimsical Will Frank, Dr. Demento and Grant head1.jpg Henry Phillips Crazy Jay Night of Comedy 1999 Marquee Anomalies Tom Konkle of Lester McFwapp Crazy Jay Raymond and Scum Dr. Demento Joe Siracusa Earl Bennett aka Sir Frederick Gass Scott Vincy Throwing Toaster The Turtlenecks Jay, Joe, and Earl D.T., Joe and Earl Jason Polland's Band Hot Waffles Head Cheese Head Cheese Crazy Jay Night of Comedy III
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